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I wonder why he is called FLY. Is he the icon of the best flyer in the world every aeronautics engineer should envy?

At closer look with him this morning, parking in an uneven airport without any rubber wheels. It is awe inspiring experience. As I examine his wings, judging from the thinness and lightness compared to its body, it is impossible for this creation to fly. Who makes him fly?

As I look its color, no expensive aircraft even the Airbus 380 copied its iridescence painting that radiates and change its color depending on the angle of light.

Now its agility of take off and landing. I bowed down in awe to the Creator of this lowly Fly. He needed no expensive runway. He can take off effortlessly easy to any direction. Its compound window do the job well. Same with touch down, he can land on any surface, on any angle and on any weather condition.

Now I know why it is called a FLY.

Is this a product of evolution or was it created by an Intelligent Creator?

The answer is obvious. Read Revelation 4: 11 it says:

“You are worthy, Jehovah our God, to receive the glory and the honor and the power, because you created all things, and because of your will they came into existence and were created.”


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ROCK LOBSTER   Leave a comment


My dream of cooking the best lobster in Coron came true. It starts from an early morning visit to Coron Market and choosing the freshest lobster. I cooked this with the help of our boatman named John Mark. Enjoyed the island food feast as we eat the whitest lobster flesh at the island of Malcapuya, Coron Palawan.

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Swimming in the clear waters of Malcapuya Island in Coron Palawan is my utmost dream. Here you enjoy the clean seawater, fine white sand and the freshest air you can breath.

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Paraiso La Tiera, or what they called the Paradise on Earth is the Malcapuya Island in Coron, Palawan. It takes 1.5 hours riding a boat just to reach this small piece of island. White beaches, crystal clear water, this is the last frontier of Coron Palawan not commercialized. No big buildings here, only small huts.

We enjoyed so much this beautiful island. We want to live here for eternity.

View all the photos in full screen to appreciate Jehovah’s creation.

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Honey Glazed Braided Salmon   2 comments

Honey Glazed Braided Salmon

I bought a Prime Cut of Norwegian Pink Salmon at SM Lacion and I cooked it at home for Nenia. I call this recipe:

Honey Glazed Braided Salmon garnished with Sal Pineapple, Celery, Pomelo and red Korean Radish.

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How to Photograph the Moon?   2 comments

Photographing the moon is not as easy as you think. If you dont know the correct setting you will get a moon shot without the details. A good shot of the moon is when you see the details of the pot holes in it. In this series of photos below you will understand how to do it. First you need a DSLR and a 300mm telephoto lens. If you have the more expensive 400mm, the better. The shots below I got it with just a 55-300mm telephoto lens.


This shot was taken at Exposure0.003 sec (1/320), Aperturef/14.0 Focal Length300mm, Focal Length302.0 mm
ISO Speed3200. As you can see at an opening of f/14.0 you cant see any details on the upper side of the moon.


In this shot I adjusted the aperture opening to a much smaller at f/22.0 and it started to have details on the upper side of the moon.


Now in this photo I go to a much smaller aperture of f/25.0 you can now see the details of the upper side of the moon.


And finally I set to the smallest aperture opening to f/29.0 and I got the details I really want on the moon surface. I can clearly see the pot holes and shadows now. So the best settings to capture the details of the moon surface is go to Manual Settings in your DSLR camera. Set the dial knob to “M”, then set the Shutter Speed to 1/320, this is enough to freeze the movement of the moon. And finally set the aperture to the smallest opening at f/29.0. The smaller the aperture opening the more you get the details on the moon surface. One more thing, I got this shot without a tripod but I find a post to lean for a steady shot. If you have a tripod, the better. Never do a long exposure when photographing the moon. Its because the moon is moving, so if you shot on long exposure even 2 or 3 seconds you will end up a blurred shot. So shutter speed at 1/320 is essential.

Try it now.

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Make Them Nearer   2 comments

In macro photography you need to come closer to your small subjects. In the photo above, its a weird spider which I found resting on the leaf of my Fig Tree in our front yard. That close up is not interesting to see. We had to go much closer, more details.

In this shot we got details of this weird looking spider. So in macro photography, the more you got closer on your subject, the more we got details and the more the subject catches interest.

So next time, you had to get more closer. I used here only the kit lens, 18-55mm on my Nikon D5000.

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